Useful Information

The Reading List

We’ve often found that our clients like to find information themselves too which is why we’ve put together a list of recommended books on drugs which are worth a quick read.

They’re available from the majority of good book shops and online retailers, but you may also find them in your local library too.

So in no particular order, we have:

Drug warning - David Stockley

Everything parents should know about drugs - Sarah Lawson

A guide to drugs: Use, abuse & effects - Sandra Shulman

Forbidden drugs - Philip Robson

How to get off drugs - Ira Mothner & Alan Weitz

Restore your life: A living plan for sober people - Dr Anne Geller

Working with drug users - Ronno Griffiths & Brian Pearson

I’m ok, you’re ok - Amy & Thomas Harris

In place of the self: How drugs work - Ron Dunselman

Healing the child within - Dr Charles Whitfield

Kick heroin - Liz Cutland

Drugs: Losing the war - Colin Cripps

The user - Aidan Macfarlane

Drugs wise: A practical guide for concerned parents about the use of illegal drugs - Melanie McFadyean

This book: Truth about drugs - Mike Rock