What is letting go?

Where you are concerned, my letting go, is not emotional abandonment or a lack of love, rather it is a release for you from the constant demands that you should conform to my ideas of how you should think, feel and act.

I must give you the freedom to be an individual, the freedom to be wrong.

I thought I had to save you from all hurt and I directed all my energies to that aim. But all I can really do is look after myself and allow you to face the consequences of your own actions,

Even if it means that I have to face up to the pain and uncertainty of doing that and also the fear which it brings.

Now I will try to listen to you without absorbing your pain or telling you how to straighten everything out.

I will allow you to learn and grow by leaving you to make your own decisions, for you will never seek help from the support you need, if I am always there protecting you.

I hope you will sense that whatever the outcome of your decisions, that you were loved.. Two precious gifts we give our loved ones are roots and wings.

Detachment is essential to any healthy relationship between people and each of us is a free individual with neither one in control of the other.

It has not been easy to restrain myself from reacting to what you do, when it seems to affect me.

But I now understand that when I react, I put the control of my peace of mind in the hands of others

My peace of mind should always be under my control and in my own hands.

I have also accepted, that even between the closest of humans there is always a distance

As it’s impossible to know everything about another person, even when it’s a person I love.

By understanding all this, it has given me the strength to stand back and let you go.

And with hope, a healthy detachment can sometimes bring the very changes. I was powerless to bring about by continually supporting you or fighting your problems 

Borrowed with Pride then changed by ©Sue FDS