A Drug User's Changing Behaviour

A drug user loses the quality of patience – they start to feel an irresistible desire for the drug and cannot wait, they must take a substance immediately. He or she cannot say to themselves ‘OK I’ll wait another day or a few days.’ They have to have it immediately.

Thus, in general it is very difficult for a user to deal with feelings of displeasure, aggression, sorrow, disappointment, or with tension and conflict, if they are not immediately resolved. This is a considerable obstacle to them understanding the process of change, necessary to end their addiction. Or to understand what family and friends are feeling

In addition, drug misuse is an extremely selfish activity. The user starts thinking and looking for drugs to the detriment of everything else. They no longer take an interest in family and friends for their own sake; Family and friends start to get used to satisfy the user’s own needs.

When they lose an interest in the outside world and in other people, the user’s world becomes smaller and smaller. They become imprisoned in their own world, which is totally dependent on their addiction and this impairs their emotional development.