What our families say about us

“I had no idea what to expect from FDS when I first contacted them, but the information I was given made me realise I was not alone.  Then eventually attending group sessions helped myself and my family to cope better on a daily basis with my children’s drug abuse.”

“I was desperately anxious and afraid and felt very lonely.  I needed to be able to talk frankly with someone who understood and was not family.  FDS support has enabled me to retrieve my equilibrium, support my son appropriately and enjoy my own life.  FDS gave me exactly what I was looking for and more!  I am so much stronger now, but still need to know FDS is there for me in case of need.”

“On first contact with FDS I wanted someone to give me solutions to get my son off heroin.  What I got was sympathetic, sound, practical support, plus an invitation to FDS support group meetings, where I met parents who were in the same position as I was.  Without FDS I am sure myself and my family would have gone under.”

“Service is excellent.  It’s a great source of comfort Knowing FDS is there and run by such professional people.  Thank you!”

“We did not know what to expect but knew we needed help as we were emotional wrecks!  I think at first we expected to hear there was a magic wand that would make everything better, but now we are learning to care about ourselves and our future.  If only we had found out about FDS sooner, who knows what difference it would have made?”

“Excellent helpline, excellent support group and excellent staff.”